A Fashion Story The Beauty of Walking Down Memory Lane

First I’d like to apologize for taking so long a break between posts. I’ve fought some kind of flu-like bug over the past couple of weeks which really took me down starting sometime around last Wednesday. Never mind all the deadlines and website launches and redesigns I had scheduled this month. The body wasn’t having any of that. Everything went into the eternal circle of silence, that time in which nothing moves forwards or backwards because the main element (aka your healthy, smiley self) has been removed.

I learned two things from this sudden onset of back-to-back illnesses: a) I need a backup plan when I’m not at the wheel pushing this hectic schedule along and b) it’s time to lighten my stressful load. Major lifestyle changes lie ahead. We’ll talk more about the best ways to reorganize your life in another post I’m now working on.

On to the story! The photos that were taken during the weekend of this shoot marked the beginning of two turning points for Live Well…be Fabulous! The first official photo shoot of spring.

The Beauty of Walking Down Memory Lane from Live Well Be Fabulous on Vimeo.

And the compilation of footage for our new YouTube channel (currently in the works). WooHoo! Yes, it’s finally happening. Stay tuned for details on how you can help us spread the word.

We chose to explore the gorgeous campus of UNC Chapel Hill and what a perfect weekend to do so. A month ago, the UNC Tar Heels’s men’s basketball team won the NCAA title.  Now, this makes me particularly warm and fuzzy inside because I’m a UNC alumnus. I venture back to the campus quite often during this time of year. There’s always some kind of fun art festival or walk you can take through the historical Memorial Lane, the pathway outside of famed Memorial Hall.

Highlights of the campus include:

Sonya Haynes Black Cultural Center
Botanical Garden
Center for Dramatic art
The Pit
Old Well
Morehead Planetarium
Basketball Museum

Click here for full details on all these sights!

If history and sightseeing aren’t enough then you can always enjoy the offerings from several restaurants and coffee shops situated along Franklin Street. Cosmic Cantina which boasts an epic historical record (was there when I studied at Carolina too). And the Carolina Coffee House along with Top of the Hill offer even more yummy historical greatness.

Shop the Look:

For this tour, I chose to wear a comfy Forever 21 outfit, an ensemble that gave me freedom to move and explore and snap photos while remaining stylish. The result? A new profile picture taken from one of the most gorgeous and fun city walks we’ve taken yet. I’d highly recommend adding a walk through UNC’s campus to your itinerary if you decide to visit any part of central North Carolina. And we’ve included some great outfit ideas to help you create your own fabulously fashionable tourist look.

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