12 Things To Love And List on Sunday

Fab Little Tidbits of Life


While going through Live Well Be Fabulous’s archives this past weekend, I found several series that we’ve moved on from writing since the blog has taken on the blogazine format. However, back in the day, you all loved the list posts we wrote so I thought we’d make a quick list.

1. My new laptop lovely… the Lenova Yoga 710 2 in 1! From day one, I was intrigued by the concept of this computer. And since I’m a yoga fanatic, I thought the marketing gurus over at Lenovo couldn’t have come up with a better name. As an author and entrepreneur, I need a reliable but small computer while I’m running from place-to-place.

2. The wispy hint of fall. Leaves are falling and the temperature has already changed. Spring and Fall are my two fave seasons. There’s just something so refreshing about the newness each one of these lead-in months bring to our lives.

3. My guinea pig babies. They’re getting so big. Daria and Lela are the cutest fur babies ever. If you follow LiWBF on Instagram then you’ve probably seen these two in my Insta-stories. They’ve grown so fast and give us a ton of joy with their cute little squeaks and ways. Have you ever seen a guinea pig popcorn across their crate? It’s too cute to describe in words.

4. The newly redesigned kasonndraleigh.com. Have you seen it yet? If so, then yayyy!!! Leave us some comment love on the blog. If not, then head on over there now and let me know what you think.

5.  All 117 of LiWBF’s new YouTube subscribers! Seriously, you’re all super awesome to have helped us reach this milestone within a two-week timeframe. I’m looking forward to developing this latest part of the incredible journey to fabulosity!

6.  Game of Thrones Season 7. Can we say Jon and Danaerys rock like that? Okay, sure the circumstances surrounding the pairing are a bit awkward, but the implications behind the meaning of a proposed relationship between these two outweighs all that. This season didn’t disappoint when it came to the epic factor. I’m looking forward to seeing tonight’s finale. Now, we just need the producers to kill the idea of waiting until 2019 to première season 8.

7. Jeggings. Specifically, jeggings by Express and Jennifer Lopez. Thanks to Kohls and Influenster, I was able to find a super cute pair of jeggings designed by Ms. Lopez and a cute flowy tank top to wear underneath blazers this fall. Here are some ideas for you. Love!

8.  Black off-shoulder blouses. Seriously, I’ve collected three different versions of these sexy black lovelies in the past few days. Soon, I’ll have a different one two wear each day of the week.

9.  The lighting and equipment for my new YouTube studio. Oh, we’re going to have so much fun with all these goodies. Most importantly, the end results will look flawless.

10.  Silver Jewelry. While I’ll always be a lover of gold, I have rediscovered my love of the subtle beauty in silver accessories. I’m looking forward to attending the Kendra Scott color bar party this week with the lovely ladies of the TriFabb blogger group. I hope to find some pretty fab new pieces.


11.  The newly edited Hacienda Moon. Rebooting a single book is tough. I’m in the process of finalizing the last few edits with my editors and redesigning the cover with our super talented cover designer, Tara of Fantasia Frog Designs.

12.  The new products I’ve ordered from Mystikaly’s vendors. Yes, we’re still working on the launch for Mystikaly. I wanted to take the proper amount of time to make sure the box concept was done the right way and to ensure that the products we chose were top quality.

Overall, August has been a much calmer month than July. I’m looking forward to continuing on this incredible journey in September.

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