DIY Boho Style Bouquet in A Marbled Sea

The boho lifestyle. You’ve heard about it by now. Once upon a few years ago folks called this style a trend. However we quickly learned the error of our ways since this form of mixing both the old and the new has stuck around for over a decade now. Brands like Free People and Anthropologie took the surge of Bohemian love among the common peeps a step further by redesigning their catalogs so the layout read like a boho style menageries.
A few weeks ago while shopping for craft supplies to complete my next project, I hit one of my favorite supply stores…Michaels. Well it seems the boho style made a way into the artsy lives of Michaels patrons cuz I was able to find a super cute boho style scrapbook along with the matching paper and several other goodies I’ll be showcasing in a Scrapbook Art Sunday post.
For those folks who aren’t familiar with the origin of bohemian style, I usually describe bohemian as an eclectic mix of old and colorful. The style usually incorporates the use of bold geometric stripes and shapes accented by rich, deep violets, reds and blues. The result tells a tale of walking along a dirt road on a vibrantly sunny day in Bohemia (not to be confused with Bulgaria).
Which brings me to the gorgeous subject of this week’s super cute project, this gorgeous purple hydrangea bouquet I made using colors inspired by the bohemian lifestyle.
Let’s get started!
1. Gather your materials.

I chose to focus on purple and white as my primary colors in this bouquet. Why? Well, when I see a gorgeous bohemian setup, I always find plenty of purple, blue, green, white, and yellow. So those are the colors I want to focus on in this bouquet. Luckily, Michaels had a wonderful end of season sale going on so I was able to find some pretty darn realistic looking plants. For the vase, we’re going with our trademark style… Gorgeous glass inside glass.
2. Assemble the Vase. I found that the vest way to get the marbles into the vase was to set it on its side. Fill the vase to three quarters of the way full. You don’t want too many marbles or the flowers won’t behave. Aka you’ll be trying to get the plants to stay in one place and be cursing me for not providing the details of this crucial beforehand. If you’d like to add decorative stones then go ahead and do so in this step. Set aside the vase.
3. Install your focal plants
I chose white flowers to balance out the purple ones as my focal plants. Since this is a boho style bouquet, I thought the white would add a touch of uniqueness to the arrangement without sacrificing the style. If you’re familiar with boho style then you’ll know that most times white isn’t used as a primary color. Boho is a vintage-themed look that’s all about rich color and unique patterns.
4. Add the highlight foliage
I chose wispy light colored plants to accent the strength of the hydrangea bloom.
5. Insert any frillies. Can we say butterflies in fall? I’m also going to go back and add stickers to the vase. Just remember that the beauty of using silk flowers lies in the ability to create gorgeous arrangements at any time of the year while using any flower your heart desires. One quick tip: pick flowers in the colors of the current season to help your arrangement stand out even more.
6. Enjoy your new bouquet
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