Enjoying the Magic of Christmas

There’s just something about the magic of Christmas that makes me feel wonderfully fuzzy inside. The Life Survival post I’ve chosen to write this month and the articles that Live Well Be Fabulous will be featuring highlights that magic and the ways you can bring the joy of Christmas into your home.

Here at Live Well Be Fabulous we promote living a lifestyle of fabulosity and basking in a life that you design. We feature articles, recipes, giveaways, decorative ideas, style, travel posts and other methods of helping you to get inspired to achieve the life of your dreams.

The one thing I always enjoy and find myself mesmerized by during this time of year is a wish to focus on the power of magic and simply believing in fairy tales. My family enjoys the full immersion of the holiday season in my home. We pull out all the trees, both the green and white one. Who doesn’t love the fairy tale style of a beautiful white tree?

We even created a YouTube video that showcases all the fun we had while creating a tree filled with unicorns, mythical owls, peace bells, and even Native American dream catchers. We chose a gorgeous rose gold, champagne gold, blush pink and white theme to capture the spirit of the mood we wanted to create. I’m super excited about the results and decided to create a video showcasing the experience.

I self-published my first book back in December of 2011, December 6th to be exact (almost six years to the day). Since then my life has changed. There have been ups and downs and everything in between. Life tends to affect us that way. It’s how we choose to handle those after effects that makes or breaks us as a person. And even though the magic of Christmas might only happen once a year, we should strive to keep the spirit of the flow going throughout the months to follow.

I hope that you find the articles we publish this month useful in your daily lives. The things we’ve included will assist and help you to focus on health, happiness, and your well-being during one of the busiest and sometimes stressful times of the year.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed from dealing with the frivolities of your day, then return to the oasis you’ve created in your home. We can choose to either sink in the chaos or to bask in the magic of a fairy-tale getaway created in the comfort of our homes.

I know which way I’ll be going!

**All images used by permission by Viktor Hanacek of Picjumbo.com**

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