Fab Beauty Life Snaps 21 Ways to Achieve Swoon Worthy Skin

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Dry skin happens. Yes, we’ve all been plagued by this anomaly and it’s no fun. That’s why here at Live Well Be Fabulous we keep creating these tips for combating dry skin. Stress and the pressures of daily life can also take a toll on your innards and dampen that natural glow we all work so hard to do. Most times good skin care revolves around being diligent with moisturizer, a good cleansing regimen, and good old r&r aka rest and relaxation.
Thankfully celebrities aren’t the only ones who hold all the secrets to creating gorgeous skin. Take a peek at the following tips and see which ones you can use to get the skin tone of your dreams.
1. Drink water. Lots of it. No kidding. As we get older our skin loses both moisture and elasticity.
2. Exercise Goes without saying but a little reminder never hurts.
3. Meditate Beauty starts from within so make sure to calm your inner turmoil to make the outer layer shine bright.
4. Take supplements that contain at least 1000 mg of biotin. They should also have vitamin K which helps reduce the effects of thinning skin.
5. Moisturize your skin every single day. Include all the body and not just your face.
6. Add moisture directly after bath to lock in moisture.
7. Use sunscreen with SPF  30+
8. Remove makeup every single night.
9. Use a combination of both cream and powder versions of your makeup.
10. Bathe in lukewarm – cool water
11. Add moisturizer or bath bombs
12. Use a cocoa butter based moisturizer. This is especially helpful for ethnic skin as we tend to develop inconsistencies in skin tone as we age.
13. Get plenty of rest. At least 6+ hours. Go with what makes your body feel right.
14. Be kind to others. Wait what? Yes, we’re right back to that beauty from the inside first blurb I just mentioned.
15. Try to use natural products when possible.
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16  Stay away from space heaters. The air coming out of the elements on these babies dry you up like a leaf. Avoid.
17  Use milk-based lotion. Cleopatra got it right when she took all those milk baths.
18  Use an exfoliator when bathing
19  Use a bath brush
20  Anti-Aging Skin wash needs to become your best friend
21. Use baby oil paired with your favorite lotion. It might seem like overkill during the warmer months and probably is a bit much for those lucky folks who have naturally oily skin. For the rest of us alligator skinned folks, however, this is a godsend.
Modify the items on this list as needed and I promise you’ll be able to tackle old man winter and his harsh fingers. These ideas also work during the summer so be sure and take this list along with you on that beach trip you’ve eyeballed.
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