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**This post is sponsored by Jord Watches. However, all opinions and reviews contained within this article are based on my own personal experience with this brand.**

I’m super excited to bring you the subject of this week’s segment of the Fashion Files featuring a brand we’ve come to love and trust here on Live Well Be Fabulous… Jord Watches!

Now, mind you, I wasn’t a watch wearing kind of gal up until about a year or two or go when I put my hands on one of Jord’s fabulous wooden watches. You can see that watch in this post. For this review, we’re featuring Jord’s Acacia Watch for men. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The wonderful thing about this brand is that the watches aren’t just pretty. They’re both useful and high quality. By that statement, I mean that even after a year of continual use, my Jord Watch still keeps on ticking and hasn’t either skipped a beat or lost time.

Unfortunately, not all brands I’ve purchased since my watcherly obsession began fall into this same type of category. That’s why when a rep contacted us about participating in a Valentine’s Day Giveaway and promo we jumped at the chance. And no worries. We’ve included a link where you have a chance to win your very own engraved watch for Valentine’s Day. Did you say engraved? Yep, I sure did. Jord now offers customized engraving. You can read all about it by clicking this link.

Don’t wanna wait for Valentine’s Day? Then take a peek at Jord’s unique women’s watches by heading over to this page.


Guys, Jord makes a gorgeously unique men’s watch. Just take a peek at our gorgeous Acacia and you’ll see what I mean. You can find your group of handsomely watches by heading over to this page.

So you’re totally in love with this brand now, right? No worries. Jord’s giving away a $100 credit toward the purchase of your favorite watch. Click the following link to enter for a chance to win:

Here are just a few reasons why this brand totally rocks:


The watches are made of high-quality wood. As we said before, Jord makes a truly unique men’s and ladies watch. I’ve seen a few other brands pop up since Jord arrived, but Jord takes home the crown in my humble opinion.

The watch boast’s a unisex design. Ladies, you can switch with your partner and no one will ever know the difference. So, yeah, the men’s watches are somewhat larger than the women’s versions, but still… I get tons of compliments on mine. And I’ll be wearing the one my son chose as well. Shh. Don’t tell him what I just said. I even have a pair of wheat-colored boots to go along with that watch.

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The Jord Watch never loses time. The quartz mechanism keeps the watch’s hand moving infinitely. Guess what that means? No dead batteries and outdated watches lying around to collect dust. Gotta love it. I do, anyway.


The design. What can I say? They’re wood watches and the design absolutely rocks. The faceplate on our watch screams GQ all day long. I love the way you can see what’s going on inside the  Also, you can have your initials engraved on the back if you like.

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The packaging. Hm. The story goes this way. A black box arrives on your doorstep. Feeling impressed, you take the box inside and remove the contents. You find this (Insert package of Jord contents). And you don’t even want to throw the box out either.

Overall, Jord does an excellent job creating an experience for the customer. If you’re looking for unique men’s watches for Valentine’s Day then your search is over. Don’t forget to stop by and tell us what you thought of your Jord Watch.

Good luck in the contest!

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