Live Well Be Fabulous’s Top Seven Fashion Posts of 2016

Can somebody tell me where 2016 has gone? I mean the months went by so quickly. 2016 was the year of Implementation for me. The last few years of a five-year plan came to an end last year. But 2016 turned out to be a successful venture into the fashion arena here on Live Well…Be Fabulous. I feel as though 2016 was the year I upped my style game yet remained true to the concepts of personal style and personality.

2017 promises to be even better as we make plans to attend our first round of Fashion Weeks, Blogher conference, and especially the return to publishing novels under the KaSonndra Leigh Books brand. I’m also signing up for a few services to help me up the ante on my style game. I already have a fabulous jewelry stylist in the Rocksbox subscription service. That team of talented lovelies know me better than I know myself.

So I’m happy to announce that we’ll be adding several new folks to our lineup. A fashion stylist, a lifestyle photographer, a Mediterranean travel writer, and an assistant, someone who can help me keep up with the pace of LiWBF’s growth over the last year. Overall, 2016 turned out to be a productive year.

With our third anniversary coming up on February 3rd, I’m excited to find myself in a place where I’m able to reach out to other resources to bring you more of the quality of information you’ve come to expect from Live Well…Be Fabulous! Thank you so much for making 2016 a year to remember. I’m excited to begin the journey that 2017 presents.

Without further ado, I’d like to announce the top seven fashion posts of 2016!

Chillin Wit My Homes

His Streetwise Style

Cinco De Mayo

Pink is My Power Color

Falls Golden Embrace

Fashion Files Gothic of Black & White

Rock Your Indie Style

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